Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Inspiration

I am currently in San Jose for the National Service Learning Conference. I had the opportunity to present a workshop yesterday and have been manning the YVC booth in the exhibit hall the rest of the time. I can escape the exhibit hall when it closes for the plenary sessions.

The main speakers for the morning session were three of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Since it's been almost 15 years since they reached their final refugee camp and a lot of them have been relocated, their stories have been told for awhile. (If you don't know much about them, I highly recommend watching the documentary - "God Grew Tired of Us".) I figured I would hear more of what I had already heard, however, they had some new words of encouragement and hope for the world that I found inspiring.

Here are these brave and strong men who have been through so much and they are standing up and saying that they are inspired by us, the attendees of the conference for trying to engage youth in the future of making the world a better place. It gave me a sense of what is to come in the next month - how people are grateful, hopeful and want to heal the world together.

I also just got to tear down the booth, as the exhibit hall is now closed for the conference. This means I get to attend a workshop about the science of malaria and what needs to be done to stop the epidemic in Africa. This comes at a good time for me, obviously, I start my anti-malarial drugs on Sunday.

I just thought it was cool how today I was given these two gifts of encouragement and knowledge at a time when I am getting a little anxious and trying to get through the days before I go.

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