Monday, February 15, 2010

Not to be confused with France

I have been assured that I will have a reservation on April 29th at the Manoir Rouge. I have only the details that Google could translate for me on rates and types of rooms but I think I will at least have a bed and a shower, so I am happy.

I can't figure out exactly what they mean by - "We have a catering and takeaway as well as small snack prices for super mowed often happens at the end of your stay." But I have a feeling I will be super mowed by the end of the month there.

I got out the box of pesticide to treat my mosquito net today and read the directions. It seems easy enough except you are supposed to hang it up outdoors to dry for two hours afterward. Seeing as it was 23 degrees today, I skipped the treatment and will check the weather forecast for a warmer day. I also figured out that I need to make my final trip donation very soon as it took my last cash transfer three weeks to go through the American donation process. This allows me to claim the tax donation and not deal with Bank of America giving me problems for foreign transactions. Since my final donation is due three weeks before I leave I need to do that very soon.

With the current monetary conversion from dollars to British pounds at $1=0.637651, I still owe 726.41GBP. ING Direct transfer now in process. Also, my third form of insurance is now paid for through Azafady, so I should be more than covered for anything that may come up.

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