Thursday, February 11, 2010


This may not come as a surprise, but I think I am an addict...a travel addict. I get these ideas of places I want to go and then I obsess about how to get there, when I can get there and the details of what the trip will be like. I was recently accused (by two different people) of planning things out too far in advance. Obviously with my big trip coming up, I needed time to plan things out and really only started planning in the fall, which is last minute in my world.

After being in Utah all week for work I was thinking about traveling for fun and started thinking about my desire to go to Tahoe and learn how to snowboard. I talked to Brian about it last night and although it was super last minute, not planned or budgeted for, we are leaving next Friday for a long weekend. You only live once right? Guess that means I'd better treat my mosquito net on Friday night when I get home so I can report some progress for the week.

Oh, and an exciting moment in my blogging - I had my first comment from someone I don't know yet, "hi, Don"!