Thursday, February 11, 2010


This may not come as a surprise, but I think I am an addict...a travel addict. I get these ideas of places I want to go and then I obsess about how to get there, when I can get there and the details of what the trip will be like. I was recently accused (by two different people) of planning things out too far in advance. Obviously with my big trip coming up, I needed time to plan things out and really only started planning in the fall, which is last minute in my world.

After being in Utah all week for work I was thinking about traveling for fun and started thinking about my desire to go to Tahoe and learn how to snowboard. I talked to Brian about it last night and although it was super last minute, not planned or budgeted for, we are leaving next Friday for a long weekend. You only live once right? Guess that means I'd better treat my mosquito net on Friday night when I get home so I can report some progress for the week.

Oh, and an exciting moment in my blogging - I had my first comment from someone I don't know yet, "hi, Don"!


  1. You joined the right family Miss travel addict. Way to go on the Tahoe thing. You do only live once and you can't take it with you. My dad always said that experiences are more important than things.

    Dream big-

    Aunt Irene

  2. Dude, your craziness and OCD over planning things is why we love you so much! Have fun in Tahoe, and don't break anything snowboarding!!!