Saturday, January 2, 2010


So, I am getting back to putting in the pictures, I don't know if they help but I figure if no one wants to read they'll at least have something to see. I meant to take a photo of the bruises from my shots but I forgot and they are almost gone now. The side effects from the typhoid virus pills are finally gone too which is a nice change. I got my prescription for Cipro the other day ($4 for 20 pills) and got quotes on the malaria pills ($310 - which is more than the immunization clinic said they would be). My CVS pharmacist suggested I call my insurance provider to see if they would cover it, doubtful but worth a shot.

I have been reading up on Malagasy culture and traditions in one of the books I got for Christmas. Today I learned that my high school French should be adequate to get by in the city, which is great, but I will only be in the city for two out of 31 days and will still need to figure out Malagasy. I also learned that I should expect rice three meals a day and to avoid "toaka gasy" unless feeling brave - it is described as illegal and dangerous home-brewed rum, served in plastic buckets. Hmm, thanks for the warning!

Still haven't heard anything from the Hotel Sakamanga where I am trying to book a room for the last night before I fly home. I think it would be nice to take a hot shower and sleep in a bed before I fly the 36 hours or so home. If you want you can cross your fingers that my fifth call to the embassy will be a charm on Monday and I will get somewhere with the visa app.

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