Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chemical Fun

I meant to mention this in my last post but here is the human-safe pesticides I mentioned time before last. I learned about this product at the clinic where I got my shots. The outer bottles are a spray that you apply to the inside and outside of your clothing prior to travel. They said you could skip socks and underwear. Each bottle covers four outfits and the bottle in the middle is a soak so I can treat the mosquito net properly. Very cool considering it would be hard to ensure even coverage of a net by just hand spraying. 

I figured I should wait until closer to my trip for the clothing as I don't know what I will bring for sure but I will probably do the net sometime this month, let it dry thoroughly and repack in the tiny bag. The clothing spray lasts up to 6 machine washings which is great - although I am pretty sure my laundry may be washed by hand - still waiting to hear back on that e-mail to Azafady. 

Finished reading the Lonely Planet guide today and learned that there are 3 distinct dialects of Malagasy and that in the coastal areas (where I will be) the classic dialect (which is in the dictionary I have and is the only one easily researched) is shunned.

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