Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad and Good News

I always think giving people a choice of which news they'd like first is funny. I guess I usually go with bad news first and then the good to soften whatever blow the bad news gave. I wonder what that says about me? Anyways, I have just done a little more trip work. (I have been in Seattle and Portland for work this week so I have neglected to do anything until now.)

So, the bad news is that I called Air Madagascar to finally figure out what their luggage table meant, it was very confusing. I put off my first call to them to book my ticket and again put off this call because I am not sure I will understand the representative well enough. Well, I understood alright but couldn't believe my ears and made her repeat herself three times just to make sure - and the limit 20kg checked bag and one 7kg carry on. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This comes to a grand total of 59lbs if you are wondering. She asked about who I was flying into the country on (Air France) and said "too bad you're not flying United then you could have two 30kg bags". =( So, I guess there is a magic formula for excess baggage fees where you pay 1.5% of your total ticket price per excess kg, which for me works out to $8.37/kg.

This is sort of evened out by my good news, which is that the Malarone prophylaxis is covered by my insurance but it's a higher level and will count as two months since I need 40 days worth and will cost me twice my maximum co-pay of $50, so $100 total. However, this saves me enough to bring a second 25lb bag! It's always one step forward one step back.

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