Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Embassy Fun

So, I tried calling the Madagascar Embassy once again to see how much money to add to my visa application fee for shipping. This is the fourth time I've called and someone actually answered the phone and gave me some information. Apparently their embassy doesn't have a website (which is odd as I have found two, apparently not legit) at present and their is no visa fee for less than 90 days. This is nice as the figures I have seen before have been between $33-85. Of course no one was available in that department once again and he told me to call back Monday. He said not to mail anything yet. So now I need to figure out another item on my checklist to do today - maybe I will get my prescription for Cipro filled or comparison shop for the malaria meds. Man, going to FedEx was going to be so much easier. Anyway, I had a good trip to Cabela's and got a bunch of cool things including the mosquito net, a 40 hour flashlight and lots of people-safe pesticides, more on that next time.

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