Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mmm, live viruses...

So I had an appointment at the Travel and Immunization Clinic today and thought I was just getting info but I ended up with all my shots (Hep A, seasonal flu, H1N1), a live virus (typhoid) and two prescriptions (one for Cipro - in case if extreme diarrhea and one for 40 days of a malaria prophylaxis). I had a choice with the malaria drug - either take it weekly with a side effect of 25% nightmares and night terrors or take it daily with minor side effects, I went for the daily (obviously) even though it costs four times as much. I don't need to be screaming in my tent all alone. Glad that's all taken care of. Now onto the visa acquisition. I tried calling back Monday and they said to call Wednesday - hopefully this has nothing to do with the travel warning that was issued by Canada and is being suggested to all other non-essential travelers. 

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