Monday, December 28, 2009


So I weighed my tent today, 11.5 pounds. (It seems light enough but when I figure it is slightly more than 10% of my total carry-on weight it seems like a lot.) My family is in town visiting for the holidays and we are going to Cabela's to get some things for the trip as part of my Christmas gift from them. I hope they have the cool insecticide that you treat your clothes with and lasts for six weeks through washing! I got the Lonely Planet on Madagascar book for Christmas, the Malagasy-English dictionary (not too many of them sold I'm sure) and a comfy travel pillow. I am on day 7 of the live virus, it's giving me some stomach problems but only a couple more days to go. I am also going to mail off my visa application this week, I figured I would not get it involved in the holiday mail frenzy in fear that my passport would get lost.

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  1. Good thinking on waiting on the visa application. Happy shopping!