Saturday, November 28, 2009

Plane Tickets and Medical Supplies

Good news, I purchased my plane tickets to Madagascar today and even better news, the fare went down from $2740 to $1750 in the three days since I last checked on it! I can't believe my luck!

I still have to call Air Madagascar to get a flight from the capital city of Antananarivo to Tolagnaro but that can wait for another day as it involves calling Bank of America again and explaining that I am making a foreign charge. When I did this to pay my initial deposit they rejected the charge and placed a fraud alert on my account even though I had called ahead, which required me to call them back. Lovely. The people from Azafady did say in their survival guide to "get ready to have nothing turn out quite the way you plan and make the best of it". I think this experience will definitely test my limits at times.

In other trip prep news check out my sweet stash of required medical supplies I gathered up today! Thank you Medical Savings Account! Now I just need to get a prescription for and purchase needles, a transfusion kit and a crap-ton of antibiotics...


  1. Thanks for the invite to view your blog! Happy pre-packing. :) Alicia

  2. Good grief, woman! You're going to have one hell of a bag!
    Love ya! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :)

  3. Sometimes when we are about to travel, it is important to have a medical supplies available for grabs. It is necessary that these items are always ready for emergency and other undesirable events.