Saturday, November 28, 2009


For those of you who like to know all the details - I am going on this trip through a non-profit organization that is based in London called Azafady which means "you're welcome" in Malagasy. The organization focuses solely on Madagascar and does a variety of projects including building schools, digging wells, working with lemurs, planting trees, bringing medical care and medicine to rural areas and educates the community on everything from personal hygiene to sustainable agriculture to entrepreneurial business practices.

I will be serving from April 1-28th on a team of 20 people from around the world. We sleep in tents we bring, eat the food they prepare and work until the sun goes down. I will be working for two weeks on the Volyhazo project (reforestation, building stoves that use less fuel and working in the tree nursery) and two weeks on the Environmental Education project (provided to the local children). The beaches there are supposed to be some of the best and it is rumored in the literature I received that some surfing may be had!

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